How do I use the coffee scrub?

First, wet your skin with warm water. Apply handfuls of scrub to skin and exfoliate in circular motion. Be gentle on the face. Leave the coffee scrub on the skin for a few minutes to allow all the wonderful ingredients to work their magic! Rinse off thoroughly with warm water. Say hello to silky smooth and soft skin!

Your shower/tub may be covered in coffee but just remember to rinse it off. The coffee scrub will not stain your shower/tub and is easy to rinse off.

How often should I use the coffee scrub?

We recommend using the scrub 2-3 times a week. If you often get ingrown hairs or your skin needs extra exfoliation you may need to use it more often.

Does the coffee scrub expire?

Our coffee scrub contains natural and organic ingredients so it will eventually expire. Our scrubs will last up to a year unopened and they should last up to 3 months once opened. However, it is recommended you use it within a month once opened to enjoy its full benefits. To ensure maximum life, keep the scrubs sealed in their packaging and avoid getting water inside.

Can I use it on my face?

Yes, the scrub is an excellent way to exfoliate your face. Just make sure you are gentle and make sure you don’t get it in your eyes!

What happens if it goes in my eyes or my mouth?

Although our coffee scrub is made from natural and organic ingredients, it may sting if it goes in your eyes. Just make sure you rinse your eyes thoroughly with running water and avoid rubbing your eyes. If irritation persists, make sure you seek medical attention immediately.

If you get the scrub in your mouth, it may not taste that great but it is safe. Our coffee scrub is not made to be eaten and is for external use only.

Where is the best place to store the coffee scrub?

We recommend storing the scrub in a dry place when not in use to keep it in the best condition. Our packets are waterproof but please make sure you seal it properly after each use.